Wednesday, February 3, 2016

ShopBack & FoodPanda- Your Best Website To Shop

Chinese New Year is approaching real soon! I had some of my CNY outfits from online retailers and I bet you have tried purchasing things online too. Online shopping has become so popular for most of us. I'm not saying we are all lazy to go out but sometimes online shopping can be really exciting than shopping at the mall. The moment when you click pay and the period when you're waiting your parcel to be arrived is the most excited yet nervous time frame.
Waiting your door bell to ring and receiving your goods are like you're sending yourself a present. The most important is, online shopping gives me the happiness and excitement when opening the parcel. Even though I've already known what's inside but still I'm excited about it. :)

Well, online shopping doesn't always about spending money, it actually allows us to save a lot too. Besides the free shipping charge, have you ever thought that you could actually earn cash when you shop online? YES, you can earn MONEY with just few clicks without stepping out from your house.

ShopBack is a cashback site where you literally get cash back when you click through to the partner merchants from our site. On top of existing discounts and voucher codes, get back a percentage of the money you spent on your orders! After making payment, the cashback is credited to your ShopBack account, which can later be cashed out into your bank account or PayPal for real cash. Rest assured that we're a legitimate service and we've established ourselves not only in Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines and Indonesia, but are expanding to the rest of South East Asia soon. Most recently, ShopBack has extended to India as well.

You can now enjoy the savings and cash back at popular online stores through ShopBack. For example, my favourite ASOS, Zalora, Hermo, Groupon, Lazada, TaoBao and more online retailers are all merchants of ShopBack! Another good news is, you can even get cash rebates when you book your next overseas trip using Agoda and AirAsiaGo through ShopBack. WOAH~

Besides that, ShopBack also update their Top Deals of the Day daily. Ahhh this is so much convenient for shoppers!! We can get to check out the most bargaining deals each day and save even more!

I bet you guys must be having question marks in your brain now how actually the ShopBack works right? ShopBack helps you get the best deals and discounts on 300+ stores, plus Cashback! Cashback is really just "getting cash back" - when you spend online through ShopBack, they give you a portion of your purchase back as Cashback. This means extra, unlimited savings whenever you shop online!
All the merchants on ShopBack will reward them with with a commission for referring you to shop on their site, but instead of keeping the rewards all to themselves, they share them with us! :D 

Just a few easy steps/clicks and you can already save a lot of money and even earn cash. We must be a smart spender and wise consumer right? 

If you are worried about how to get your cash back? Don't worry, you can always cash out your money to your bank account. :) Photo below shows all the banks that you can get your money from, almost all the banks available in Malaysia are in the list, as long as you have an account in one of the banks, you can get your cash back from ShopBack easily. 

Some good deal here for you all, my dearest readers.
Valentines Day is around the corner. Love birds out there, have you already decided what to buy for your partner or spouse? Be a wise and smart spender okay? Click HERE to buy Valentines Day gifts through ShopBack. If your girlfriend/ boyfriend is happy, that's when your life ahead is happy too! :D
Not forget to mention, click HERE to get Foodpanda vouchers!! Woohoo~

With this wonderful website, you can now earn cash back within a few days. It means you can actually save a fortune of money when you shop online! Sounds exciting? Click HERE now and enjoy saving! 
Good luck! 

Monday, February 1, 2016

The WORK DRESS For You- The Fashionable Lady Boss

If you are following my social feeds, you'd probably know that I am still pursuing for my degree in university. Although I am reluctant to, soon, I will have to say "goodbye" to my studies life for more than 16 years. :( I am a person who always falls on dilemmas. One part of me doesn't want to leave schools, but the other side of me is already imagining working life, to be accurate, imagining of wearing elegantly to work. :p

There are various styles of working attires for women. Out of all of the working attires, what I admire the most is work dress! I've always dreaming of being a fashionable lady boss in my dream, and wearing a work dress would help me to achieve my dream to be a lady boss. Recently, I have checked out these work dress selections << click* that will be perfect to show off at the workplace. 

1. The Bodycon Dress
For ladies who want to show off their sexy curves and still appear in power, the bodycon dress is the perfect choice. It hugs your figure giving you that extra boost of confidence. Match the bodycon dresses with a nice pair of high heels and luxury handbag for the complete professional appearance!  

2. The Midi Dress
Midi dresses are designed with a longer skirt length which helps maintain a professional look to others. It covers a lot of your skin leaving some for that sexy appeal. Choose from the wide range of midi dress designs and step out feeling confident as ever. Look mature at the office and gain the respect of others around you with how well you dress to work.

3. Flare Dress
The flare dresses are a must-have for the lady bosses who would like a laid back appearance and still look elegant at the workplace. Tone down your serious character once in a while wearing a nice flare dress especially on the Fridays. Accessorize the flare dress with a trendy statement necklace for that professional hint of style. Show off that soft side and look stunning all day.

Hope you guys enjoy reading and looking forward to more fashion post. 

Monday, January 18, 2016

MonkeyCup Cafe @ Chow Thye Road

要在槟城找到一间可以让我一直想要再去一次的cafe真的不多。今天要介绍的就是其中一间会让我一直想要再去一次的cafe- MonkeyCup Cafe.
对了对了,你们肯定是以为这又是一间和其他cafe一样,卖着西餐,意大利面之类的cafe吧?如果你们是这样的想法就错了。第一,MonkeyCup Cafe是一间以泰式食物为主题的cafe。听说是马来西亚第一家以泰式食物为主题的cafe哦。第二,MonkeyCup Cafe也是一间go with espresso的cafe,意思就是他们有serve expresso beverage啦。全槟城就只有70+cafe在serve expresso beverage而MonkeyCup Cafe就是其中之一哦。都说是cafe了,所以其实主打的还是咖啡,然后呢就是他们homemade蛋糕甜点,最后就是食物啦!
MonkeyCup Cafe, I Brew Peaberry & Cook Good Stuff.

我很喜欢这cafe的设计和摆设,因为全部都是一样色调,大自然色系,拍起照片其实不用在加什么filter就很好看,就可以直接upload在instagram/facebook了。位置部分呢,就像其他的cafe一样,有outdoor和indoor啦。除了outdoor和indoor,他们还有楼上的位置哦。店员说楼下的位置大概能够fit in 80位顾客。至于楼上的位置呢,平时是只开放给预定的客人而已啦。楼上大概能fit in 25-30位顾客,非常适合要办生日会或者是private聚会的朋友们,这样就不怕被打扰啦。

# Photo from


MonkeyCup Cafe的食物就是其中一个原因为什么我会一直想要回来。他们的是食物蛮特别的,不像其他cafe一样,来来去去都是在买同样的食物。


#Iced Coco // Iced Black Latte // Iced Doicette // Iced Green Latte
个人印象最深的应该是最右边的Iced Green Latte了。认识我的人都懂我是不喝绿茶饮料的,但是这Iced Green Latte真的没有很重的绿茶味,反而是你一喝进口有淡淡的茉莉花香味。店员说他们用的是泰国茶叶,所以会比较香哦。


#Som Tum 
Thai-style green papaya with fruits

#Creamy Mushroom
Mushroom soup served with garlic toast

#Creamy Pumpkin
Pumpkin soup served with garlic toast

Main Course

#Grilled Mushroom Chicken 
大爱这Grilled Mushroom Chicken啊!厨师把鸡烤的刚刚好,外脆内软,鸡肉也很新鲜。再来呢就是覆盖在鸡肉下的马铃薯啦。除了是甜品控,我也是马铃薯控 哦。Grilled Chicken通常都是配薯条的。虽然薯条真的很好吃,但是毕竟薯条是炸的,我不是很喜欢。但是这到就不一样啦,厨师把马铃薯deep fried后再pan fried,口感真的是一级棒。

*MonkeyCup Cafe所有的pasta系列,全用的都是angel hair面条哦。*

#Sexy Angel 
Angel hair pasta stir-fried with garlic, olive oil & seafood (spicy)
我最爱的aglio olio这次搭配了海鲜,跟以往我在外面吃的不一样哦。食物的名字也真的够特别,都说是sexy了,当然会少许的辣咯。

Creamy angel hair pasta with chicken ham, mushroom & spinach
这名字也取得太可爱了吧!店员说这道是他们的hot selling之一。虽然照片看起来会让你们觉得这盘pasta好像很腻,但是吃起来并不会像想象中的那么腻,味道也不会很浓郁哦。

#BBQ Chicken Burger
旁边搭配的沙拉真的是帮助不少啊,不但为这BBQ Chicken Burger添加了视觉效果,也添加了味觉效果哦。除了沙拉,还配了wedges呢。鸡肉和酱汁也搭配得天衣无缝!




*MonkeyCup Cafe的蛋糕甜点都是自家做的哦。所以每一样都是新鲜而且很有特色。*

#Tiramisu // Green Apple Bottle Cheesecake // Oreo Bottle Cheesecake // Green Tea Bottle Cheesecake
在这四瓶bottle cheesecake里,Green Apple是我的最爱啦。女生都爱水果嘛!Green Tea的口味就和Iced Green Latte一样有淡淡的茉莉花香味。这四罐的bottle cheesecake的甜度都不会很过分,不会太甜,cheese的味道也不会太过分。

#Peanut Butter Cake

MonkeyCup Cafe是一间走着affordable luxury concept的cafe。在这里,你可以用公道实惠的价钱尝到高级的料理。 

MonkeyCup Cafe 
Phone Number: 012-209 5536 
Address: 36c, Jalan Chow Thye, 10050 Penang, 10050 Penang, Malaysia.
Business  Hours: 9am-12am (Lunch: 12pm-3pm, Dinner: 6pm-9pm), kitchen close on Sunday

Thursday, January 14, 2016

AstaRed- Inner Healthy, Outer Beauty

AstaRed- the Most Comprehensive Anti-aging Formulation in 21st Century!
AstaRed Gluxanthin is a new technology from-inside-out skin rejuvenation and whitening product which is clinically tested and proven to make your skin complexion brighter, healthy, radiant and youthful looking.
It helps to promote and stimulate a vibrant and even skin tone, by enhancing and nourishing your skin’s layers.
In many people, effects are noticeable after 4-5 weeks, and the desired effect is consistently achieved at around 2-3 months of regular use.

AstaRed是由Dr Tan WP创办的。他是一名qualified的医生,是MD, Graduate Cert in Dermatology (Mal), Cert in Aesthetic Medicine (USA), Certificate in Anti-aging, Diploma in Practical Dermatology (UK), Diploma in Dermatology (Bangkok), Diploma in Family Medicine (Mal)毕业的,同时他也是Member of Asian Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons (AAHRS)。


刚刚的简单介绍,我相信你们应该大概了解AstaRed了吧。现在就让你们看看AstaRed Gluxanthin是长什么样子咯。

除了盒子的后面,其实瓶子上也是有写着一样的资料。我觉得真的很用心,因为对于保健品,资料越多,顾客就越放心,同时也能够增加顾客对产品的信心啊!此外,如果你是对味道比较敏感或者是不能够吞很大颗药的人,你大可放心。AstaRed Gluxanthin是in capsule的,所以就是不会散发任何味道,而且药的size也不会很大颗,基本上都很容易吞。在这里简短的说,其实保健品要做成capsule是没那么容易的,因为是要经过几个月或者甚至是几年在国家卫生局的申请,才会被承认你是qualified,可以把你的产品做成in capsule的。

# 那MAL 14125053NC就是被qualified的code。

以下就是AstaRed Gluxanthin的主要成分啦。照片都解释得好清楚哦。

Dr Tan说过,搭配跟这罐Vitamin C一起服用的话效果会更快可以看到。我是个没有那么有耐心的人,我做什么事都要求能够快就快。所以当我知道只是要另外再服用这Vitamin C可以更快地看到效果,我当然是非常开心啦。

一开始的前10天呢, 每一天要服用2粒的Gluxanthin(一天两次)和2粒的Vitamin C(一天一次)。接着的70天呢,2粒的Gluxanthin和1粒的Vitamin C(一天一次)。疗程步骤都非常的简单。持续护理后,也就是说完成80天的疗程后,你当然可以继续服用,好让那效果一直保持下去。


现在有优惠哦,凡是你购买一瓶的AstaRed Gluxanthin就会获得免费一瓶的Vitamin C哦。还有,在购买时quote我的名字(MingmingGoh)就会获得优惠价!

Phone Number: 04-5882803

忘了说,Dr Tan也有provide hair transplant service,也就是我们说的毛发移植,帮秃头者重拾信心哦!